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3D Printed Functional Ceramics | Olivier Van Herpt

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Simon Casson (Brit. 1965- ), Study for Smeech and Hrain I, huile et gesso sur papier, 30 x 32cm, Paris, Galerie Guido Romero Pierini

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Arne Kavli (Norwegian, 1878-1970), Two Men in a Garden, 1919. Oil on canvas, 65 x 76 cm.

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Cinema Paradiso (1988)

In 9th grade, this film changed the way I look at cinema forever. I owe it a lot, I need to watch it again soon.

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patagonia shawty

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iSprezz’ notice : your outfit is only 56% nonchalant. For more sprezzatura, please pull your pants 0.59 inches up, and show the small blade of your tie. Furthermore, you should be more spontaneous in the folding of your handkerchief. Please see the detailed tutorial on spontaneous handkerchief folding.

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